Monday, May 17, 2010

The Month of May in Indianapolis has to include RAIN

The third day of practice for the 94th Indy 500, is being offset by rain and the extended forecast for the next 48 hours doesn’t look promising.

As part of a reduced schedule to help teams save money and create more buzz going into time trials, practice was cut by one week. The problem is that the weather is not playing into the track’s favor. Rain is expected throughout the rest of the day, leaving little, if any time for teams to gain more practice and data. The good news is that all seven rookies completed their four rookie phases yesterday and expect to be ready for pole day on Saturday.

The unfortunate news is that, with little practice time this week , teams will have little room for error. Expect Penske and Ganassi to challenge for pole and maybe an Andretti car to be in the mix, but don’t expect any teams to risk much. A crash to a primary car could cost teams valuable practice time and possibly impact their ability to make the race.

The weather forecast for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday looks to be encouraging, with temperatures nearing the high 60’s. Saturday and Sunday look outstanding right now, but we all know this is May, and it’s Indianapolis. Expect the unexpected when it comes to weather.

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