Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Drivers who still need to get in the field of 33

(Team Owner Dale Coyne , seen above talking with Alex Lloyd,still doesn't have his second driver Milka Duno in the show)

As of 1:30 four drivers still have not qualified for the 2010 Indy 500, and some of them are former series Champions.

IndyCar Garage ranks them based off their chances of qualifying for the Show:

#1 – Tony Kanaan – 90% chance of making the race.

Tony has suffered some heartbreak in the last 24 hours(two crashes), but the 2004 IZOD IndyCar champ has enough toughness to get into the field. Andretti Autosport will do everything they have to do, to ensure Tony Kanaan gets into the field.

# 2 – Takumo Sato – 50% chance of making the race.

Sato has shown speed earlier in the month, but a wreck in practice yesterday set his program back. KV Racing has three cars in the field and Sato would be the fourth, he was the first driver bumped from the field with a speed in the 221 mph range.

# 3 – Milka Duno – 35% chance of making the race.

Milka could be the only woman not to make the show, she has been slow throughout the month and hasn’t broken the 224 mph barrier, which is what appears will be needed to make show. Even if Milka doesn’t qualify, there would still be history made by having four women start the race.

# 4 – Jacque Lazier – 25% chance of making the race.

Jacque is being called into replace A.J. Foyt IV (Anthony), aparently Anthony and A.J. didn’t see eye to eye this morning and Anthony left the team due to issues about the car. Jacque Lazier was rumored to have been in the third car for Foyt earlier in the month, but the sponsorship fell through. Jacque now has a chance to qualify a second Foyt car.

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