Sunday, March 2, 2008

Will Paul Tracy have a seat?

A post in the forum section of the site regarding Paul Tracy's future in the IndyCar series had quite a bit of response from other members. Clearly, it's a hot topic. I think the reaction of the members (19 replies already) shows just why Paul Tracy should have a seat in the series...somewhere. That kind of knee jerk reaction shows the connection that PT has with open wheel racing and the kind of following Tracy generates.

He was one of the most accomplished drivers in the Champ Car series and it's most recognizable driver. Bottom line...he brings eyes to the series. People will talk about him and the series on and off the track -- that's a good thing. The IRL has only reached that kind of following with Danica (modeling/advertising) and Helio (dancing). I know some aren't big fans of him, but at least they have some kind of connection to him -- love/hate.

So, this begs the question...where will he find a seat? Vision would seem a likely place - Tony has already invested quite a bit of money to make this merger work and to not have the most popular driver in the CC make the switch, could devalue the move. Another rumor is that Ganassi has toyed with the idea of fielding a third car - it's also one of the few teams that can afford Tracy, who has said that he wants $1 million/year.

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