Monday, March 3, 2008

Texas Motor Speedway: The Challenge

So, have you seen this story? I know it's NASCAR, but this is just too ridiculous not to talk about on any race-related site.

Eddie Gossage, President of Texas Motor Speedway, has stated that he will give $15,000 to any NASCAR Cup driver who throws his helmet on the track during competition from now until April 6th. Wait....what?

The reasoning behind offering this ridiculous reward is that NASCAR "needs to bring some drama back into the series." What's next? Hitting each other with metal chairs after the race? Maybe Hulkamania? The worst (and most hilarious) part of this, is that there are people who AGREE with this....

(Excerpt from
Speedway Motorsports Inc. Chairman and CEO Bruton Smith, told of the reward, noted that "a lot of good things come out of Texas that are extremely clever. We need drama. We don't have enough drama anymore. We need somebody to get out of the car and slap somebody."

Wait a minute, you agree with throwing your helmet at another driver ON THE TRACK, DURING A RACE?

NASCAR, go ahead and add some drama....I hope the IRL keeps its drama on the actual race.

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