Monday, September 13, 2010

Who will remember the Café’s do Brasil Indy?

Who will remember the Café’s do Brasil Indy?

The IZOD IndyCar Series will crown their 2010 champion on the 1.5 mile oval at Homestead, Miami Speedway. The series crowned their 2009 champion at Homestead, but prior to 2009, Homestead was usually the season opener.
The unique aspect of the 2010 race is that it will be the last one at Homestead, and it will be called the Café do Brasil Indy, after one of IndyCar’s sponsors from Brazil stepped up.

A very interesting name to call a race and a very interesting way to leave a race track.

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Defender said...

ANSWER: The 836 people in attendance and the number of viewers equivalent to a "0.2 rating" will.

Also, the track staff and vendors will remember the patheticness that was the Cafe do Brasil Indy. As will 'Cafe do Brasil'.. for spending their money unwisely.

Besides, everyone knows Colombian coffee is superior.