Friday, September 3, 2010

15 reasons why Ryan Briscoe will win the Kentucky 300... and few why he won't

The IZOD IndyCar Series will complete their 15th race of the 2010 season at Kentucky Motor Speedway on Saturday night at 8 EST, coverage starts at 7 EST on VERSUS. Kentucky is a 1.5 banked oval that offers some of the most exciting racing IndyCar has to offer, its one step safer than Chicago style racing, but just as exciting. IndyCar Garage will be in attendance for the Kentucky race, but from the grand stands. The IndyCar Garage crew will be taking their 3rd annual camping trip down to Sparta, Kentucky in hopes of enjoying another shootout style race , similar to last years race, where Ryan Briscoe edged Carpenter. IndyCar Garage gives you the Kentucky Preview of why Ryan Brisoce is going to win again, and a few why he won’t.

15 reasons why Briscoe will Win
1. Briscoe drives for Roger Penske… enough said
2. Briscoe won the 2009 Kentucky race… his setup should be intact
3. Briscoe sat on the pole at Texas 2010 and Chicago 2010, both 1.5 ovals
4. Briscoe won the Texas race this year
5. Briscoe started on the Chicago 2009 pole and won
6. Briscoe was nice enough to let IndyCar Garage interview him in 2008 after the Kentucky race 7. Briscoe’s wife is Nicole Briscoe and she is a pit reporter for NASCAR, but married an IndyCar driver
8. Briscoe is a nice guy
9. Briscoe drives a smart car
10. Briscoe is still trying to redeemed himself for Motegi last year
11. Briscoe is Australian and they have cool accents
12. Briscoe has just dominated 1.5 ovals, no matter how many stats you look at
13. People like Briscoe’s personality
14. Briscoe could probably beat every other IndyCar driver in wake boarding
15. Briscoe always smiles no matter what question you ask him

5 Reasons why Briscoe won’t win

1. 2010 has belonged to Dario and Briscoe’s teammate Will Power
2. Briscoe will have problems in the pit
3. Briscoe will help Will Power do whatever he can to keep the championship lead
4. Briscoe will get wrecked due to the pack racing on 1.5 ovals
5. Briscoe will get wrecked by Danica in the pits

IndyCar Garage Predications for Saturday Night
Winner – Ryan Briscoe
2nd – Scott Dixon
3rd – Dario Franchitti
4th – Will Power
5th – Ed Carpenter

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