Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome Randy Bernard - 10 Suggestions

Good morning Randy Bernard and welcome to your first day as CEO of the Indy Racing League. As a one of kind social networking IndyCar website that features over 500 members, a weekly radio show, and daily discussion about IndyCar, we would like to welcome you with 10 suggestions for your new gig.

10 suggestions in no particular order.

1. Get IndyCar racing back on the sports map
Outside of the Indianapolis 500 and maybe the Texas race, who knows about IndyCar? IndyCar will never be a mainstream sport like the NFL, MLB, and NBA, but they can build a product that could rival NASCAR with some of the best racing in the world. No one knows about IndyCar racing right now and no one is watching outside of Memorial Day weekend.

2. Reduce costs so that more teams can hire DRIVERS and not ride buyers.
The hard aspect of IndyCar to accept right now is that the drivers that bring money to teams will get rides. Gone are the days of teams shopping for a driver because he/she is the best available. Today you better have money coming with you in order to race.

3. More American drivers please!
Americans are now a minority in a series that holds over 75% of their races in America. IndyCar doesn’t have to be an all American series, but more than two full time America drivers starting the series would be nice. It’s hard to identify with a driver when you can hardly pronounce his name.

4. More Ovals
The Indy Racing League was built on an all oval concept and it’s a far cry away from that today. IndyCar racing will never be all ovals again, but they can at least be a majority on the schedule. As it stands right now, for the first time in league history, more road/street course races will be run than ovals. You could bring any of the following ovals back and it would be good: Las Vegas, Phoenix, California, Charlotte, and Milwaukee.

5. Increase your schedule to about 26 races
IndyCar currently runs 17 races, hardly a dominate schedule as NASCAR runs over 40 races in one season. IndyCar can increase their ovals by six to 14, take in three more street courses and bingo you have a nice compact 26 race schedule. Start your season in late February and be done by the end of September. IndyCar would be wise to have a 24-26 race season.

6. Allow young American drivers to come up through the new ladder system and win.
I don’t know how you plan to get American drivers into the series if you don’t give them opportunities to race in your ladder system. Joey Logano is a great example of how NASCAR is bringing in the next generation of drivers into their series, IndyCar needs to be able to show young Americans that the Indy 500 is possible with the correct training and ladder system.

7. Don’t let Graham Rahal get away
Graham is one of the brightest young American stars the IZOD IndyCar series has right now and he currently doesn’t have a ride. Before you get the whole “how do we get Americans into our series again” figured out, figure out how to get Graham a ride right now. NASCAR will stick him in Truck or Nationwide and take away the best young star IndyCar has. Graham wants to be in open wheel, his father won the 1986 Indy 500, and he is wise beyond his years.

8. Make the right decision for the 2012 car and have them build it in Speedway, Indiana.
IndyCar has a very important decision to make about the new car that they plan to race in 2012. Dallara, Swift, Lola, and the radical Delta Wing have all submitted designs and everyone has an opinion on what should be selected. Without taking up three more pages by explaining each car and its benefits, I will be short. Make the right decision for 2012, well what is the right decision? Lower costs, increase participation, making the racing good , make the racing safe, and have the car built in Speedway, Indiana. The town of Speedway, Indiana is currently undergoing a major redevelopment project that will focus on racing related attractions.

See the website link ->

9. Move the start time of the Indy 500 up an hour or two.
The greatest spectacle in racing needs to have the greatest drivers in the world competing in it. The problem right now is that the Indy 500 starts too late for NASCAR drivers to compete in it, now obviously the Joe Nemechecks of the world aren’t going to come and run IndyCar. Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Sam Hornish Jr, Robby Gordon, Kyle Busch, and Kasey Kane would at least consider running Indy as way to showcase their talents. The start time prevents them from running both races. Think of the possible rivalry that would develop when NASCAR drivers try to drive in the Indy 500 and finish toward the back of the pack, or win the race on their first try.

10. Promote the best racing in the world like there is no tomorrow.
IndyCar racing is some of the, if not the best racing in the world when it comes to high speeds, new technology and driver skill. The problem is that it’s not promoted to a level that allows anybody to see it. Get out there and do some marketing, promoting, and selling on your product. The racing is about the best thing you have to sell right now, outside of IZOD helping you out, people need to experience the great racing of IndyCar.

IndyCar Garage would like to welcome Randy Bernard into the best form of motorsports in the world. IndyCar Garage would encourage Mr. Bernard to sign up and become a member of today!


Print Man 2000 said...

NO, NO , NO to #4. Ovals are boring to watch on TV (which is where the majority of people watch the races).

Obviously, it is a matter of opinion, but I like the 2010 mix.

Anonymous said...

Ok what? More ovals? No one watches them, and for good reason. If you need a nap watch golf.
Grahams going to be there, don't worry.
Who cares were the car is made,really who cares. No one who isn't a fan yet is going to be motivated to go to a race because the car is made here.
The series is in the right direction not all left, we already have that.