Friday, March 5, 2010

The BAT project is the final 2012 concept

The last and final proposed IndyCar for 2012 has finally been released after a group of Indianapolis 500 winning designers formed BAT Engineering.

Former Lola designer and Reynard US head Bruce Ashmore, ex-March and Galmer designer Alan Mertens, and former G-Force man Tim Wardrop have joined forces to create BAT.
The BAT Project is named after Bruce, Alan, and Tim from above.

BAT has also held meetings with renowned motorsport surgeon Dr Terry Trammell and IndyCar's safety and technical directors Jeff Horton and Les Mactaggart to ensure that its design offers safety benefits over the current chassis.

In addition, the company promises that the car will be constructed within 30 miles of Indy to keep teams' costs down and stimulate local industry.

Dallara, Lola, Swift and DeltaWing have already revealed their proposals for the new IndyCar, which will replace the current Dallara-Honda spec chassis from 2012. A decision on which car will be used in expected within the next few months.

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