Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The IZOD IndyCar Series

The IZOD IndyCar Series
Speculation over the last few weeks in the IndyCar Series appears to have come to reality with today’s article in the Indianapolis Star. Curt Cavin is reporting that Thursday at 2 p.m., the IndyCar Series will announce that the clothing company IZOD will become the sponsor for the IndyCar series based out of Indianapolis.
The deal is rumored to be for 10 million per year over the course of a three to five year contract. Details of the contract are unlikely to be released according to Cavin, but the positive news for the IndyCar Series is a welcome sign.

A link to Cavins article is below:

Other rumors and news circulating around the IndyCar Series

Ryan Hunter-Reay finalizing a ride with the Michael Andretti’s newly formed race team. Hunter-Reay’s deal includes backing from IZOD and would put him with a race team capable of winning races in 2010.

The Brazil race in Rio appeared to be a done deal, but rumors are spreading throughout the series that due to the Olympic bid being captured, the race is now on the back burner for the city. The series could possibly open in St. Pete.

The IndyCar Series will have a new logo to go with their new sponsor, the logo is expected to be released at the press conference on Thursday. The announcement on Thursday is expected to be a dual announcement not only in Indianapolis but in New York City as well.

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