Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The next American in the IndyCar Series?

If Eddie Wachs has anything to do with it, John Edwards will be next young American in the IndyCar Series in 2010. The 2009 Atlantic Championship series Champion and four time winner in 2009 John Edwards appears to be on the brink of greatness. Now comes the tough part, funding and formulating a plan to move in the ICS for 2010.

“We have very little interest in Indy Lights. We’ll make the jump – [IRL Chief Operating Officer Brian] Barnhart has to approve it – but that’s likely where we’ll be going.”Wachs is sitting on most of the equipment and infrastructure to transition to a single-car IndyCar program, but he says if NWR commits to the ICS, they will only do it with a guiding hand from an established outfit. That hand appears to be one of the late team owner, Paul Newman.

NHL Racing IndyCar outfit was co-owned by Wachs’ long-time friend, legendary actor and racer, Paul Newman. Through Wachs’ relationship with Newman, a strong friendship also developed with Haas, and in the absence of proper funding for NHL’s second Indycar, it wouldn’t take much to imagine an NWR and NHL tie-up in 2010.

Despite the natural fit for the two operations, Wachs says securing the funding necessary to compete in the IndyCar Series remains the biggest hurdle. In all comparisons, a young successful American headed to the ICS remains a good thing. The ICS would rather NOT go down memory lane if you want to list the names of young American drivers that went into NASCAR. Do the likes of Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, and Ryan Newman ring a bell? Let’s hope that John Edwards is the next young rising start in the IndyCar Series.

Part of this article originally appeared on Speedtv.com

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