Thursday, May 12, 2011

IndyCar Garage Weekly returns tonight w/guest Stefano De Ponti of Dallara

IndyCar Garage Weekly returns for its 30 minute program of INDYCAR Conversation streamed live on

Tyler Carmichael, moderator of will host and welcome special guest Stefano De Ponti. De Ponti is the executive director of Dallara's U.S. operation. Dallara is currently in the process of building the new INDYCAR Chassis for 2012.

Among the topics that will be covered with De Ponti, include:

Why Dallara choose Speedway, Indiana as their new and only U.S. home

The new 2012 designs that Dallara reveled on Tuesday

The features of the new building that is currently being built.

Tyler will also recap the Rookie Orientation Program that took place today at IMS. Eight rookies are scheduled to participate.

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