Thursday, November 18, 2010

1 to 3 in one week = fewer D/H/F in 2012

1 to 3 in one week = fewer D/H/F in 2012

INDYCAR has taken major steps in the last week to restore the stepping stones that made it one of the most diverse and popular racing series in the early 1990’s. Last week, American manufacturer GM, announced that Chevrolet would return to INDYCAR for the first time since 2005. Just two days ago Dallara broke ground on a seven million dollar facility that will construct and develop the next generation of IndyCars. And lastly, Lotus will announce that they will be the third engine manufacturer for INDYCAR in 2012, today at the Los Angles auto show. Lotus entry into the engine competition was a walk off home run type release, as they barley made the deadline set by INDYCAR of November 16th Hawaii time.

What does all this mean?

It means that for the first time since 2005, the D/H/F that we see next to every entry at every INDYCAR race, will drastically change in 2012. INDYCAR literally has 16, hopefully 17, more entry sheets of D/H/F lined up and then when 2012 rolls around, we can see the likes of D/C/F, (Dallara/Chevrolet/Firestone), or will the first letter represent the Aero Kit on the car? This would give us a C/C/F (Chevrolet/Chevrolet/Firestone), I guess if we see someone select the Dallara aero kit, stick with Honda, we will still see some D/H/F in 2012, but not the whole field. This friends, is exactly what INDYCAR needs and wants to promote growth in the series and for their sponsors.

So confirming Lotus, Chevy, and Honda as engine manufactures’, and assuming they all build their own Aero kits that gives us three and three. Dallara will produce a standard Aero Kit, that’s three and four, lets just throw in one more bonus Aero Kit producer and we now have the potential for five different looking IndyCar’s powered by three different sources.
From a Baseball standpoint, that’s hitting a triple when your just trying to put the ball in play, from a Football standpoint, that’s completing a sixty yard pass when its third and 20, and from a basketball standpoint that’s like Butler making it all the way to the NCAA Championship, ok maybe that’s a reach on the Basketball standpoint.

All in all, Randy Bernard and ICONIC team (with some help from open wheel vets Penske and Kalkhoven) has secured a very good platform for 2012 and beyond. INDYCAR still has work to do to get back to the level of the early 1990’s, but they are pointed in the right direction.

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