Sunday, June 7, 2009

The top 10 drivers not in the IndyCar Series - #10 Kasey Kahne

IndyCar Garage breaks down 10 drivers that aren’t driving in the IndyCar Series and what their impact would have been or could be in the IndyCar series. This includes drivers that have raced partial schedules in years past or in the present season.

IndyCar Garage begins its countdown of the top 10 drivers not currently driving full-time in the IndyCar Series with driver number 10.

KASEY KAHNE – AMERICAN – AGE 29 - Chances of joining the ICS = 2%

Similar to other drivers that will be featured in the countdown, Kasey Kahne was a USAC National Midget Series Champion in 2000. If you remember back to 2000, Penske and Ganassi weren’t even in the Indy Racing League yet. There was no way that Kahne was going to join open wheel racing when it was split into two leagues, while NASCAR was in full swing. Kahne hooked up with Robert Yates Racing in 2002 for a Busch Series ride and never looked back. He was a Sprint Cup Rookie in 2004 (still only 24) and won his first race in 2005. He doesn’t command the super star power that some of the other NASCAR drivers do, but he still would have been a great addition to open wheel racing had he been presented the opportunity to race in one unified series. Kahne ultimately was a casualty of the split years and is almost certain to run a full career in NASCAR. He has 18 career wins in NASCAR’s three major divisions and is one of the most appealing drivers to the female fans of NASCAR.

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