Sunday, October 12, 2008

Porsche, Audi & Alfa Romeo Interested in the series

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Porsche and Alfa-Romeo didn't have much success the last time they tried Indy ca
rs but apparently both are seriously considering coming back to the Indianapolis 500 and IndyCar series. has learned that Porsche, Alfa and Audi were the three engine manufacturers at last month's meeting here and all have shown interest in joining Honda in the series starting in 2011. Read more...

It will be exciting to see how the 2010 and 2011 seasons come together. (Not to mention next year!) I'm thrilled to see new interest in the series and think it can only mean good things. I do wish we would see some US based interest.

It's especially surprising to see Porsche and Alfa Romeo interested in returning considering the bad experiences they've had in the past with the IndyCar Series. Having said that, the IndyCar Series seems to be the best deal (value?) going in motorsports right now for drivers, sponsors and apparently manufacturers.

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