Thursday, August 14, 2008

13 Questions with Will Power

Will Power answers questions about the adjustments to the IndyCar Series and what he's looking forward to in years to come.

Tell us about yourself, what do you enjoy outside of racing?

Cycling, Fitness with my trainer, Playing the drums

What have you enjoyed most about the transition to the IndyCar Series?

The competition is great, have so many great drivers all on one track. I enjoyed being part of the Indianapolis 500. The variety of having ovals and road/street courses

What has been the biggest adjustment you've had to make this season in the IndyCar Series?

The oval racing – I had only one previous oval race experience at Milwaukee in 2006

What track on the IndyCar Series schedule do you enjoy racing the most?

Watkins Glen for a road/street course and Milwaukee for an oval

The series is headed to your home country in October to run at the Surfer's Paradise street course. What are you thoughts about this event, and what should first-time viewers of the event look for?

I am very happy to have it back on the schedule, first-time viewers will find it action packed.

How do you feel about the lack of Surfers on the 2009 schedule?

Not good, unfortunate because it is a good event and hopefully it will be worked out

If no agreement is reached for a Surfers event in 2009, what effect will that have on your sponsorship? Are you working on contingency plans?

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The league has been hearing input from several manufacturers regarding the new engine specs due out for 2011, and Dallara will be preparing a new chassis to be released at the same time. Has the league also asked the drivers what they'd like to see for the new car?


What changes would you as a driver like to see for the new 2011 specifications?

More horsepower for road courses. A car built for both ovals and road courses. A car that is less pitch sensitive

You dominated this year's LBGP in the Panoz DP01, but for next year's GP you'll be in a Dallara. Explain how your approach to the circuit will differ in the Dallara.

Its hard to know until you get there, I was surprised that despite speed there was no real difference when we went to Edmonton.

So far, no Australian has won the Indianapolis 500. How do you like your chances to be the first?

I think the way this KVRT Aussie Vineyards – Team Australia team is progressing then in the future we have a chance.

If you could spend a day at any track with any driver (past or present), what track and what driver would you choose?
Jimmy Vasser at Long Beach

Any comments for the dedicated IndyCar fans of IndyCar Garage?

Watch carefully as this series grows more and more, I think next year could be a lot more interesting when the transition teams have got more experience.

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